The Communication and Information Resource Centre Administrator (CIRCA) is a generic web-based environment, funded and developed, initially for Eurostat, under the European Union IDA (Interchange of Data between Administrations) Programme. CIRCA has been extended by the
European Environment Agency for the use of EIONET.

CIRCA is freely available for use by European public administrations and can run on a Linux server. Its use is subject to the License.

It is proposed as a service to all those Administrations that need to cooperate, coordinate and work with their counterparts
in other Member States

The goal of the IDA Programme is to help public administrations build telematic links across Europe, thus offering ultimately a more efficient, transparent and responsive public service to the industry and the citizens.

For further information on the IDA Programme:

CIRCA 3.3.  © 1998-2003 European Communities, represented by European Commision.